Curb Canada Inc.

the process

Step 1:

The ground is marked with spray paint or a string line. A small sod cutter is used to remove the grass around the existing beds. This will not disturb existing beds.

Step 2:

All concrete is mixed onsite using a small mixer and trailer. There is no heavy equipment or concrete trucks on your property.

Step 3:

The concrete is fed from a wheelbarrow into the small extruding machine. This creates a continuous piece of concrete curb.

Step 4:

The curb is smooth finished with a hand trowel, or textured using our special stamping tools.

Step 5:

Control/Expansion joints are cut every 3 feet while the concrete is still wet. The cuts are approximately 40% into the curb.

the process

Pictured is the curbing machine with a curb, pattern and control breaks. 18 to 20 feet of curb is processed per batch of concrete. A sealer is applied to the curb after it has hardened, usually within one week.