Curb Canada Inc.



Showcase your edging day and night with a border lighting system by curb canada inc. It is a house electric current system. Flexible rope lighting is installed directly into the concrete curbing after it cures but the curb must be light ready extruded at the time of installation. The lighted curb can be installed in any of our shaped curbs. If lighting is not in your budget at the time of installation, please ask about our light ready extruded pricing. We will create the groove for the lights at the time of installation, which allows the lighting to be snapped into the groove. Lighting can be purchased at most home improvement centers.


Stamped concrete adds a beautiful textured finish to the curb. We can simulate different types of stone or brick. Our custom colors and matching process allows us to match or accent most colors on houses. Our unique brick stamp system can simulate brick and match most brick houses. All of our stamped concrete curbs are sealed with a high solids clear sealer. Stamped curb is done on the angle or flat shaped curb. Choose from the following patterns.


The smooth trowel curb can be done in plain concrete color or in wide variety of custom colors. We have many colors and shades of colors to choose from, so you can be sure we can match or accent any color you have in mind. This finish can be done on any of our shaped curbs.


This is an example of a single color stamped curb.

This is an example of a two color stamped curb.