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Yes we can take care of your Summer of 2019 project. We can take care of your Landscape needs as well as your curbs pads, or sidewalk needs. Also resealing making "new" your existing decorative concrete driveways, sidewalks and pads.

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Welcome to the Curb Canada Inc. web site! Our company has all of the newest equipment, colors, and styles to give you an unmatched look. Here at Curb Canada we set the standards for quality and customer service, while delivering products (curbs, walk ways and pads) that are still surprisingly affordable!

Serving central Alberta


Curb Canada Inc. installs curbs, pads and walkways that are continuous and free flowing concrete landscape designs allowing for graceful curves, straight edges or 360 circles that add beauty and value to your home. Created on site by our team of professionals, your choice of concrete product is installed cleanly and quickly, transforming your yard without damaging existing landscaping. We are the decorative concrete specialists!



Your curbing border is reinforced with fiber mesh or cable if necessary and will be a durable concrete edging that keeps dirt and ground cover inside your flowerbeds and grass or weeds out. It is low maintenance and adds both beauty and definition to your yard. Decorative pads and walkways are reinforced with fiber mesh and rebar for strength and all of our concrete products can be customized with colors and patterns to reflect the beauty of your home. An air entrainment mixture is added to all of our concrete mixtures, increasing its ability to withstand the pressures from our freeze and thaw climate cycles. We guarantee the quality of our cement products!



Stamped concrete is on the cutting edge of decorative landscape accents. Stamped curbs, pads and walkways come in a wide variety of pattern combinations including brick, stone and slate textures and virtually any color combination to compliment your home's exterior. Our team members will work closely with you to create the yard of your dreams! By creating exceptional decorative curbs, pads and walkways, the finished product will not only enhance your yard's curb appeal and beautify your home's landscape, but will make maintaining it easier too! Curb Canada has the most cost-effective way to put the finishing touches on your homes landscaping needs!


At Curb Canada Inc. we concentrate on:
  • Quality
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